Why We Are

Hey everyone. Welcome to Jaypore. We are a group of poor, humble, edgy, smart, driven, passionate individuals who consider themselves the anti-startup team. Why, you may ask? For beginners, we have sworn off words like “stealth”, “agile”, and “ninjas.” We are not the pedigreed startup team, with a brand name co-founder, a know-it-all institutional investor, and a pile of cash. We are not a part of the Valley’s incestuous circle of angel investors, rock-star founders, advisers and hedonistic tech bloggers. We’ve raised a little bit of money from an intelligent, respected executive who thinks we can build a solidly profitable business and a reputable brand in the next few years. No pressure to go IPO. No pressure to manufacture brand equity from thin air for the sake of fooling a myopic acquirer. We are here to support craftspeople and their creations around the world, and to deliver an amazing experience to our customers. We are here to build a sterling, reputable brand.

So more important than who we are is why we are. And why we are is because we are a team that actually feeds on being nondescript, from being incognito, even invisible. On paper, our team is one of the most relevantly experienced and entrepreneurial teams that exists amongst our peers; but you probably won’t hear us give an interview anytime soon; and you probably won’t read about us on Techcrunch. And that’s perfect.

Our blog will be your window to our developments, our breakthroughs, our failures, our emotions, our secrets, and our camaraderie. We will be as transparent as we can be, while maintaining responsibility towards our brand, our customers and our stakeholders. We hope that you continue to join us here, share your thoughts, ideas, gripes, questions and other quirky nothings with us. It’s great fuel for all of us here, to know someone is out there listening.

Till next time…

Onwards and upwards…

6behind the scenes,