My Colorstory With Nature

Earlier this week, we ran a contest asking people to share their ‘most favorite colorstory with nature’, one color of nature they instantly fell captive to. With so many and such moving stories pouring in, we decided to share them all here, and create a little community of nature lovers!


By Resmi Thomas

Of pradhamans at weddings, of dried up leaves and flowers stored in school books, of bamboo wind chimes, of harmoniums accompanying music, of clay pots in wooden fire smelling heavenly of the rustic delicacies, of freshly tilled earth waiting for seeds and nourishment, of beach sand, of jaggery. Brown is not just a colour for me it is also a remembrance of how transient life is, how we will all someday turn to dust and ashes. Many people find brown boring but I enjoy the earthiness, the ability of earth to renew itself and nourish growth in the most toxic, unsafe places along with the farms and the gardens.


By Reema Ahmad

The colour of bruises
New and old

That linger on like
Tattered flags
And old signposts

Marking places that
Felt punishment
And pleasure
Both inflicted
In equal measure

The fluid Purple
Of squelched Jamuns
Ripe and rotten
Sometimes together
Like life
Like love

A deep


By Kavita Rao

With the blush of a delicate rose
and the squeeze of an impish tangerine
Enhanced by a gilded streak

And a sanguine sensuality
Come the rich tones of COPPER
Exquisitely elegant… Always

kavita rao


By Mcarthur Mcarthur Free Ranger

I leaned over the side of the boat on Dal Lake and gasped– the hot salmon neon orange streak of Kasmiri Lotus tangled stems under water was a color I’d never seen before…in nature or man-made. Stunning.


By Sharija Menon

My loyal companion, the serene, endless blue sea; the vast skies dotted with milky candy flosses of clouds in whose expanse the birds, the winds and the rains frolic around, in beautiful symphony with each other; mummy’s beautiful aqua blue chiffon saree whose nostaglic aroma engulfs me even as i write this, transporting me across time and space; the inexplicable, beautiful, most peaceful and reassuring blue aura with its glowing white contours that i behold when i enter a deep meditative state; the blueness that i try to shoo away on some gloomy saturdays; the lovely, tiny bubble-like turquoise-aqua blue pearls that lull me to sleep through the dense eyelashes, in the state between sleep and wakefulness… for someone who has been a Black loyalist all the way, for someone whose wardrobe has all combinations with Black and not so much Blue, never before had i realized what BLUE and its various shades mean to me! serene, happy, playful, all-encompassing, Blue it is for me!


By @tiaaiiao

The unabashed boldness of red and black as they appear in the opium poppy. There is a raw sensuality in the pure and uninhibited intensity an depth in which these colours appear in nature. No artist’s play with colours can recreate the same magic. The opium poppy’s beauty is dark,mysterious and dangerous.


By Dipanwita Banerjee

Green. Different shades of green always talked to me when I walk with nature. Rain bathed light green seedlings, bottle green fern, dark green of needles of pine, soft green of peas have magnetic power and always attract me.I feel free, peace, calmness alas in the big cradle of mother nature!live and let live.


By Canta Dadlaney

The earthy wet dark brown /reddish month after the first (very first) monsoon showers; makes me inhale a freshness of a place afar; It pervades my entire being like none; Gives me a feeling I have come undone. This dark red earth makes me realize how small man is. It makes me feel humble. No other fragrance imbues us like this. It lingers forever.


By Aarohi Abha Mankotia

BLACK, though not considered as a color, but as darkness, yet carries in itself a whole lot of other things,

Black or the darkness of night,
has a mysterious self to it..

It withholds a whole lot of pains n worries..
It gives solace and courage to those who feel vulnerable and thus do not emote in front of others..

It hides tears in the pillows of those who can’t show them on cheeks…

It brings out the real…

In the presence of solitary darkness every person is his true self…

In his true identity… shedding all the covers he has endorsed for all the various reasons…

For the sunnier side of the Darkness of black…
It withholds in it all the love filled feelings…
Moments for the loved ones to express…
Dreams for the aspiring ones to see…
Eyes to be filled with the starry sky…

So black is the one color which not only enhances its self, but also others…
Black on a widow with teary eyes represents her gloom… Her pain…
But the same black on a smiling, styish lady represents sheer elegance…

Black in background gives the stars in foreground their element…

Which is snatched away from them by the brightness of the morning…
Black adds another dimension to any color teamed along with it…

For me, BLACK says it all ….


By Pooja Sattur

This little patch here looks like a cluster of leaves have broken into laughter & happiness & contentment , that gives away in colour…. And soon they are about to spread it to the whole tree, the whole plantation , the whole universe ….. Loved it , I was so happy seeing it, couldn’t help but smile…



By Preethi Manthini

Every morning, I raise the blinds from our windows to wake my children up, and every morning, I glance at the woods in front of our house. Just recently, the trees were ablaze with golden yellows, muted browns and reds. Now that the leaves are all gone and winter has set in, the trees are bare. In the early mornings, the sky is gray and the bare trees with their branches set a striking black silhouette against the gray background.


By Nandita Nanchal

The color of the Shiuli flowers- cream and orange- fresh as the morning dew, and lovely as the promise of a day yet to be lived and savoured.


By Priya Be

I love colours! It fascinates me how artists can conceive such brilliant colours sometimes. But these striking blue shankhupushpam flowers in my garden reminded me that nature is the original artist with the most varied palette.

priya be


By Uma Sriram Mahalingam

White, pure undisturbed white. Like the snow topped mountains, freshly falling snow, so calm, so quiet, so peaceful so soothing. Makes me feel the beauty all around just by its sheer silence!! So simple, yet so eloquent!


By Sujata Das

Looking at enchanting Cherry blossoms in sunset makes me fall in love all over again. This beauty where in there is merging of two colours; warm hues of sunset with near white cherry blossoms with a tinge of palest pink engulfs everything in a mystical wrap and this beauty can never be replicated or captured in lens. The serene coolness can only be felt in the heart and expressed through eyes and heard through our intermingling breaths.


By Angelica Tara

Will have to be lilies in a pond. I just saw them once in full bloom and it made me go mmmmm beautiful I have never seen something so soul-stirring, exquisite and serene – all in one eyeful. I don’t think we can ever match the colour combinations that nature has. As also the simplicity. Lovely.


By Sujatha Ramesh

The captivating blue of silent Sea ,
The pearly bubbles of waves kissing the Shores,
The many hued rivers in its journey to meet the deep blue Sea ,

The mountains standing tall , Green and Dark ,
The birds flying high with riots of Colours ,
The flowers blooming with captivating Beauty ,
The earth manifesting many shades of Life ,
Million colours reflected in so many shades in the beautiful eyes of a Child ,
Million challenges accepted in the evergreen eyes of Young ,
Million emotions reflected in bleak colours in the eyes of Old ,
Telling Stories ………
Sometimes Colourful ……
Sometimes Black and White …….
From the captivating pages of her …..
Never ending Story Book of Colours in LIFE.


By Divya Gattani

Pink is the One Color that makes me happy and leaves me mesmerized to the Core! 

Pink is the color of a warm embrace,
a kiss from Grandma,
a baby’s face.
A wash of color on a sunset sky,
a flush of fever,
a happy sigh.
A cozy cuddle on a cool afternoon,
fragrant blossoms,
a song-bird’s tune.
Pink is all puffy and happy and proud,
bright as the sun,
soft as a cloud.

PS: A picture of flowers from my own garden 🙂



By Vineeta Kalbag

Inky black of the night, deep and mysterious, pregnant!


By Ritu Dhiraj Shukla

The colour i love is white…..serene, pristine and soothing to the core…the colour of Taj Mahal the monument of love, fresh snow, floating clouds in the sky, nurturing milk, a dove symbolizing peace….all are white …yet it encloses all the colours of vibgyor in it…isn’t white awesome?


By Triveni Praveen

The greenish-blue shimmering peacock’s tail framed by ultramarine overcast sky make my heart skip a beat.


By Sushama Kale

Burnt orange. A hue that heralds Fall in higher elevations and warms the heart to brave out a blistery winter. This earthy shade blends so naturally with a dusky brown as it does with a creamy yellow and shines through even as it embraces.


By Deepali Mongia Sharma

The colour red that flushes through my Body and ensures that I breath and enjoy everything that nature,world and humans can provide.
This colour shines on my forehead and my hair parting epitomising the love , commitment and faith that me and my spouse
This colour is a symbol of the first flower that my love proposed me with and this sealed into a beautiful partnership for life…
For me this colour when amalgamated with other colours on the palette reminds me of varied experiences the rising of the sun,the blush on the face of newly we’d bride…the happiness that Santa brings on the faces of children and the blessings of the almighty…


By Arushi Ahuja

The topmost colour of our flag fluttering in the winds of freedom,
The color donned by that sturdy young man to claim his renunciation from all that is worldly,

The setting sun sprinkling the last rays of a beautiful day on the forest floor,
The marigolds sewn together to worship war heroes and Gods alike,
The dancing flames of the divine homeage payed to Gods of Fire and Rain,
The saree that my mother wore too often and i adored it even when i was an infant,
Playing in the glorious cast of her palla enriched with memories of love, fulfillment and careless joy,
The colour second in the spectrum and first in my journey of love…
Saffron tells my story….



By Nivedita Chakraborty Choudhury

The colour yellow spins a Web of delightful freshness for me. The colour of sunlight, the brightness of marigold in the early morning makes me feel happy and fresh. This colour has the power to make me believe in the positivity of life. It symbolises laughter, joy and optimism in nature.


By Simona Stoppa

I was raised by the sea, the beautiful Mediterranean sea with all its magical blue hues…now I am living close to the mountains, no more sea to look at from the window… but the blue of that sea is still with me, in my memories, on my clothes…



By Poorva Gohiya

The colours of the sky at twilight are soothing not only to eyes but to the soul as well .The clouds r seen from orange to peach to pink against the blue hue take all the dark shades away .These ever changing colours of the sky r synonymous to our ever changing life scenarios which also r shaded differently!!!


By Richa Dahiya

Color stimulates us. Without colors life would be boring. Color of turmeric is considered very auspicious, usher prosperity and happiness. Color of turmeric spreads spiritual energy, inspire thought and optimism. Its an inviting color. Yellow is found throughout nature as well as man made world. We use turmeric in worship, therapies because yellow color has great significance in Hinduism and Buddhism.It is associated with fertility, luck, purification. It gives me power and brings back my innate energy to the surface so that I can spread to surroundings.


By Gowthavaram Kavitha

The hues of earth … These shades make me feel that iam an integral part of nature.. these colours have a true indulgence ..the shade on me makes me feel and relish the undeniable beauties of nature … When ever there is a shade of earth on me i feel like i am smelling the earth when it rains , the ecstacy of seeing a beautiful rainbow after a stressful day and the feeling of being part of the soil.. the shades of earthern oranges ,yellows, browns truly take my heart away..:)))))


By Priyadarshini Lal

Nature ~ Prakriti ~ is the greatest Artist of all; the most brilliant Painter! I am enthralled by the kaleidoscopic, full-spectrum palette of hues with which Prakriti flamboyantly paints my garden of winter flowers ! Of these amazing jewel-tones, perhaps my favourite colour is rose-pink, which shines like a bright ruby in the sunlight against a carpet of green. This is pure magic! And this sublime magic of colour is available to everyone free; it is a permanent inspiration to anyone who stops a moment to quietly glance at a blossoming flower-garden. My own painting of Winter’s Bouquets (attached) is my humble offering to the Fine Art of Prakriti!



By Nidhi Chandna

Nature has so many beautiful colors, surely God must be an artist to blend them so beautifully and intricately into myriad designs of sunsets, sky, trees, leaves, flowers, birds and animals….! My favourite color is Yellow…it makes my heart mellow....instantly brightens my mood. The Gold of Sun instantly lifts the darkness of life and mood, turns a rainy day into a bright, beautiful & gay. The sun-rays nourish the trees, the plants, the animals and us….! I have painted my room in yellow coz it always lifts my mood, cheers me up and adds color when dull, melting away my boredom, my mood swings and my despair in a jiffy…I feel I am almost a sunflower that turns towards the gold yellow of life….!



By @reenarana123gmailcom

I love the Green Color of Nature… I feel in love with it the moment I open my eyes… Greenery All Around… Freshness in Air.. Smell of raw plantations… Birds chirpings… No pollution… I SIMPLY LOVE Green Color of Nature. . I am connected to it with my Heart and soul.


By @roxanne_gold

I fell for the oceans’ blues. The radiant blinding blue light glistening from her soft curves and sharp peaks, her sway hypnotizing my heartbeat who danced to her mystical rhythm. I fell for the sorrowful navy depths shielding vast mysteries beneath, and the warm turquoise blues as she creeped toward the land, ebbs and flows weaving the rainbow of blues in her journey.


By @stylish_ladki

I love the blue colour related to nature. Because it’s a color that seeks peace & tranquility. The colour makes me feel relaxed both mentaly and physically. We all certainly feel a sense of calm if we lie on our backs and look into a bright blue cloudless sky. Isnt it? 🙂


By @sweetu_shweta

I love the blue color of the sky as it looks so pure…so calming…Its infinite expanse makes me feel like i wanna really fly high …I feel calm looking at the sky… and i love watching at it for hours n hours….as it captivates me in its infinity…and i find it hard to take my eyes off from it.


By @pikeywho

I really Adore Mountains. Every hues of this colour palette I love. The colours of the altocumulus just before sunrise. Around sunrise the light changes dramatically, with the sun below the horizon the snow takes on the blue of the sky above. So blue to white to blue.


By Shankar Kataria

Black – The colour I like the most
@which is the darkest colour
@which is the colour of outer space

@which is opposite to white
@which is complete absorption of light
@which is first colour used by the artist
@which describes royalty and power
@which associate with death and evil
Also associates with The End……