Jaypore Has A New Address!


We live in a world of perpetual change…the way we work and live

The way we think and act and the way we meet and talk

Forever at the cusp


Unafraid explorers

Eager adventurers

We are turning our world inside out, each time making it new

Giving it a vibrant, fresh hue


But we’re mindful of where we come from, who we are

We’re not leaving it behind

We take it with us wherever we go 

To new lands and new lives

Molding it afresh



Keepers of the craft, harbingers of change

Together we write a new story of all that will be and once was

Connecting the future with the past

In novel ways, in unexpected shapes, in fresh colours

Our traditions stand transformed

‘Traditions Transformed’ is a Jaypore movement that endeavors to present India’s rich and varied craft traditions and techniques in updated translations. It is an aesthetic deeply rooted in India’s rich artistic heritage and storied crafts, definitively Indian but one that finds a place in the global landscape.

With our first ever store, we’re bringing you some of India’s most beautiful products that embody Traditions Transformed.

Come see us at N Block market, GK I


Explore artisanal collections and shop what you love