Green Beauty: Jaypore’s Personal Care

We’re no longer in the dark about the harmful ingredients infused in personal care products and it’s dreadful long-term effects. Our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it and for that reason and more, our priority is always getting the right, non-toxic & effective products. There’s no compromise when it comes to personal care, isn’t it? 

3 Cs of Personal Care at Jaypore – Clean, Conscious & Cruelty-free

Ancient Indian beauty formulations are known and appreciated across the globe. Brands at Jaypore have understood the assignment, channeling the goodness of natural ingredients and Ayurveda serving the best of what Mother Earth has to offer by taking good care of her at the same time.

Curated with tender loving care, Personal Care & Wellness at Jaypore is here to tend to all your needs. Enriched with ethically & carefully formulated natural ingredients, completely free of chemicals, we introduce to you a homegrown, mindful & wide spectrum of products to indulge in. From skincare, haircare, bath & body, cosmetics to wellness products ranging from yoga accessories to aromatherapy, everything you need is now just a click away.  

Brands we love & trust:

  1. Ras Luxury Oils – Promoting farm to face luxury skincare curated naturally & consciously. 
  2. Ohria Ayurveda – Luxuriate in the purity of Ayurvedic formulations for beauty & wellness
  3. Tinge  – Handcrafted, 100% natural & cruelty-free cosmetics for Indian skin tones. 
  4. Oleum Cottage – Handcrafted, artisanal range of natural & plant-based skincare
  5. Love Organically  – Natural & cruelty-free products curated in the unison of modern science & ayurvedic formulations  
  6. Anour – Natural & Organic skincare range that’s all about pampering yourself
  7. Ilana – Nature-inspired, innovative & cruelty-free skincare & cosmetics
  8. Milagro Beauty – Vegan range of holistic skincare

Pick the Right Serum for your Skin Type & Concerns

Listening to your skin is the first step in deciding which products you need to add to your cart. 

Especially serums – A serum is basically a bottle of concentrated active ingredients that targets specific concerns. In short, they’re magic in a bottle and we’re obsessed, right?.  

However, deciding which serum to get is a conundrum.  Try to understand what your skin is saying before you buy a product. Whenever you use a product, make a note of how your skin feels after the use. Especially when it comes to serum, always make sure to do a patch test. 

So, how do we pick a serum suitable for our skin type & resolve our concerns?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Explore handcrafted, natural ingredient-based wellness and personal care products at Jaypore

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