Sartorially Set: The Multipurpose Jacket

Winter Fashion does not come easy. To look stylish without any skin show can be a little daunting at times, especially when you don’t want to end up looking like a layered fur ball.… Continue reading

Holiday Home Decor Contest

‘Tis the season to be merry, to invite loved ones over and celebrate around the hearth. While you’re decorating your home this holiday season, share your choicest inspirations with us for the Holiday… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: The Beloved Blouse Flashback

Feminine, fragile and sensual, sarees have always played a pivotal role in unleashing the beautiful woman inside you. What compliments this six-yard-drape is the right styled blouse. We bring to you a curated… Continue reading

The Nomad Lyric: Embroidered Textiles from Kashmir’s Gujjar Bakarwal Tribe

The river Lidder that flows through majestic mountains and meadows near Pahalgam in Kashmir had earlier this year taken on a ferocious form, threatening all life that breeds alongside its banks. But before… Continue reading

My Colorstory With Nature

Earlier this week, we ran a contest asking people to share their ‘most favorite colorstory with nature’, one color of nature they instantly fell captive to. With so many and such moving stories pouring… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: What to Wear to a Sunday Brunch?

What started in England in the late 1800s as a concept to describe Sunday meals for Saturday-night carousers has today become a fashionable way of communication. Cheerful, sociable and inciting, these days Sunday… Continue reading

Colors of Nature

The delicate hues of a lotus in the wild… the arresting palette of a sunset…. the million shades in a being’s eye… or the many held inside the sea… Nature is a phenomenal… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: From AM to PM Look

The mystique of transformation has always been intriguing. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the fashion queen Audrey Hepburn revamps her simple shift dress in minutes with the addition of a hat, gloves and kitten… Continue reading

Home Diaries: Home Atop the Hill

The protective, motherly grey-browns of the stone walls, the warm, softening yellow of the sun, the chirpy reds and blues of the roses and wisteria, together paint a pretty picture, not so different..… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: Quirky Day Time Look

The winter will soon be upon us and the nippy weather heralds a dawn of fancy colors. Step away from fall fashion and indulge in a little quirky love. Style it playful and quirky… Continue reading