Sartorially Set: From AM to PM Look

The mystique of transformation has always been intriguing. In Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the fashion queen Audrey Hepburn revamps her simple shift dress in minutes with the addition of a hat, gloves and kitten… Continue reading

Home Diaries: Home Atop the Hill

The protective, motherly grey-browns of the stone walls, the warm, softening yellow of the sun, the chirpy reds and blues of the roses and wisteria, together paint a pretty picture, not so different..… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: Quirky Day Time Look

The winter will soon be upon us and the nippy weather heralds a dawn of fancy colors. Step away from fall fashion and indulge in a little quirky love. Style it playful and quirky… Continue reading

Purkal Stree Shakti Samiti: Empowering Lives in a Himalayan Hamlet

In a rural village outside Dehradun known as Purkal, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, a society has dedicated their resources to enhancing the lives of the disadvantaged women of the Community by empowering… Continue reading

On A Platter: Heavenly Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate has always managed to tantalize our taste buds no matter what the season, time or occasion. Give into temptation, indulge in some baking delight this weekend and treat yourself with this easy… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: Different Styles to Wear a Shawl

Shawls have always succeeded in imparting head-turning looks that doesn’t require any prep time. Here are two different styles in which you can carry these comfy wraps irrespective of the occasion. It’s a Wrap Heading to… Continue reading

Mashru Project by Raw Mango: Celebrating A Lost Legacy

The word ‘mashru’ comes from the Arabic word ‘shari’a’ that means ‘permitted by Islamic law’, an allusion to the prohibition of wearing pure silk fabrics by Muslim men, citing laws in the Quran that… Continue reading

Bandha Re-Interpreted: The Famed Ikat of Odisha

Indian Ikat particularly from Odisha is admired for extraordinary illustration in resist technique. Nuapatna village in the cuttack district of Eastern Odisha is famous for the religious weft ikat textile – Geeta Govinda.… Continue reading

Quick Tips on Preserving Traditional Sarees

Her collection of sarees is probably the most prized possession in an Indian woman’s closet. From traveling extensively across the country to pick a traditional Kanjivaram from Tamil Nadu, a vibrant Patola from a small… Continue reading

Sartorially Set: Pre-Winter Look

There’s a chill in the air as we inch closer to a change in the weather, yet it’s not quite time for cozy cover-ups.  The weather may seem confusing, but luckily we have… Continue reading