On A Platter: Scrumptious Mushroom Tarts

When we’re not digging into a delectable treat, we’re certainly dreaming about one. And now the foodie that resides permanently in our hearts decided to break free! Introducing “On A Platter”, a new… Continue reading

Home Diaries: An Enchanting Adventure

When September came knocking, we were invited by blogger Aradhana Anand to tour her gorgeous Delhi home. Before returning to India after nearly twelve years, Aradhana had begun re-decorating her room to create a space… Continue reading

Blue walls…

…blue walls, i notice not the messy room, the blue walls and the noise that scrambles out of my mouth and the… – …salty water that encases me like we’re on the beach,… Continue reading

Spice it Right

For thousands of years Ayurveda has been singing praises of herbs and spices, calling them ‘wonder-foods’. Many cultures around the world swear by their spice-boxes, as this little wonder-box has proven itself as… Continue reading

Clouds of Color: Imaginative and Vibrant Central Asian Ikat

References to Central Asia conjure up images of flat, rolling sandy deserts and a vast arid landscape. However, upon closer look it throws up colors so vivid that the eyes are mesmerized by… Continue reading

Magical Mawlynnong

Ever heard of a village where the locals are worshippers of nature, where tourists are greeted with Dos and Don’ts on how to keep the village clean, where dustbins made out of bamboo… Continue reading

True Independence Never Had Boundaries

There is nothing ostentatious about them. They are just two ordinary girls leading simple lives. Yet there is something dramatically powerful about the Two Brown Girls whom we had the good fortune of… Continue reading

My India is…

India is all of that and more. India is to each his own. So what is India to you? Complete the sentence ‘#MyIndiaIs…’ by leaving a comment below. The most interesting answer wins… Continue reading

Home Diaries: Pristine Pleasures

There are places that charm you with their exquisite exterior, a welcoming stairwell or the promise of a hidden wonder. As you peek closer and step inside, you’re thrilled at having walked into something… Continue reading

Jaypore Launches Line of Personal Care Products

Nature has a cure for most ailments and is a bountiful source of beauty remedies. Jaypore’s new personal care line promises to bring out the most valuable attributes from ingredients found in nature… Continue reading