Odisha Murals: Saura Tribal Art

Sauras are among the most ancient tribes of India, finding a mention in the Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Ram’s devotee Savari in Ramayana and Jara, the hunter in Mahabharata who mortally… Continue reading

Ganjifa: 16th Century Traditional Playing Cards of India

The Story of Ganjifa In June 1527 Babar, founder of the Mughal dynasty, sent a unique gift to Shah Hasan, a close friend from Sindh. It was an exquisite set of Mughal Ganjifa… Continue reading


It is like living in a painting with sun-kissed corners and shadows playing. In rustic rooms that bring nature indoors For simple pleasures and to stay forever bathed in Earth’s glowing light… Not… Continue reading

Home Diaries: A Life in Color

Nothing ordinary can lie behind a green and purple door. When we were led in through the enchanted gate at this Delhi home, it was a window into another world. We were still… Continue reading

A Fine Evening This: Celebrating Urdu at Jashn-e-Rekhta

Lyrical poetry set to music, a gathering of fine linguists and leaves floating in the midst. This was the setting of the inauguration ceremony of the two day festival Jashn-e-Rekhta in Delhi yesterday, celebrating “Urdu’s… Continue reading

When a Bride has #HerShareofFun!

Fun, spirited and brazen… that’s the bride of today. For she’s not going to suppress that craving… to run across a freshy-washed-in-the-rain field, or do an impromptu jig on the tables, uninhibited, or… Continue reading

Braj Ki Holi

Braj ki Holi beckoned a band of thirsty travelers from across the land to rejoice in a colorful feast this spring immersed in the magic of Krishna’s playground. In Mathura lay history writ… Continue reading

A Date with Design and More at Windmill Design Festival 2015

Over the last few years, the studios of Windmill Interiors and Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA) at Aya Nagar on the Delhi-Haryana border have become the focus of a creative community that often… Continue reading

The Geometric Genius of Toda Tribal Embroidery

This red and black play on cloth is an embroidery so fine that it looks like weaving. Toda embroidery created by the Toda tribe inhabiting the Niligiris, is reversible and they consider the… Continue reading

Dear holi, come soon.

Each year it makes us wait… only to come and go away in a day…! This year let’s decide… to make it   s t a y     a     l i… Continue reading