• Longpi Pottery – Manipur’s black & beautiful stone craft 

    Stately black, smooth and exquisitely formed, Manipur’s Longpi pottery is an instant eye-catcher. More popularly known as Manipur’s Black Pottery, the craft is practiced by the Tangkhul peoples of Ukhrul, specifically in Longpi – a general reference to 2 villages in the area – Longpi Kajui and Longpi Khullen.   Pottery as a tradition has […]

  • Color Me Good

    Color Me Good

    Why natural dyes are a win-win for us & the planet  Blue hues of Indigo that impersonate water to soothe our souls, brilliant yellows of turmeric and marigold that make us happy and bold reds of roses and madder to get us charged up…colors are our eyes’ first interface with the world around us and […]

  • The Flamboyant Leheriya – Rajasthan’s Unique Craft Perfect For Your Holi Wardrobe 

    With its mesmerizing, wave like patterns in a burst of colors, Leheriya is a perennial crowd pleaser. An exquisite craft born in the desert state of Rajasthan, Leheriya is named after the Hindi word for ‘waves,’ ‘leher.’ Made using a precise, time-intensive resist tie dyeing technique, Leheriya is the go-to textile on festivals like Holi, […]

  • Green Beauty: Jaypore’s Personal Care

    We’re no longer in the dark about the harmful ingredients infused in personal care products and it’s dreadful long-term effects. Our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it and for that reason and more, our priority is always getting the right, non-toxic & effective products. There’s no compromise when it comes to personal […]

  • Pashmina: Woven Tapestries of Art

    A pashmina is a piece of history, an aesthetic superlative and in fact tangible wealth that we can (and do!) pass on to the next generations. Most of us have a pashmina in our closet given to us by our moms or grandmothers. Its folds holding tales of another time, a whiff of their perfume […]

  • International Rural Women’s Day: 15th October

    International Rural Women’s Day: 15th October

    International days are occasions to educate the public on issues of concern, to mobilize political will and resources to address global problems, and to celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity. – United Nations To celebrate and reinforce achievements of humanity I start my journeys to the clusters I travel to for my work. Be it a […]

  • Mirah


    Delicate edit of kurtas with motifs that evoke Mughal-era aesthetics. An ethereal interplay of geometrical block-prints & delicate hand-embroidery with a hint of sequins on a canvas of buttery Chanderi, is what makes this edit sensational. Boota, florals, and prints inspired by the artistic era of Mughal royalty, in hues of nature like the peacock […]

  • Aahana


    Cotton kurtas for work and play. Working from home or going to a thinly populated office, stepping out gingerly for a coffee with friends or joining a small posse of beloved siblings for a Sunday lunch… whatever your plans, include your favorites from our fresh capsule of cotton kurtas in classic solids. Go minimal with […]

  • Parishay


    Dreamy dabu-printed natural-dyed cotton silk kurtas for frolicking (in the house) A carnival of graceful dabu-printed natural-dyed kurtas, accentuated with vidharba border, on a canvas of lush cotton silk in a motley of colors- perfect to lounge around the house or intimate dinners. Take your pick from easy-to-pair separates, pair with your favorite accessories, silver […]

  • Natu Mistry’s Streetscapes

    Hawkers calling out customers, cows crossing the streets, rikshaw-pullers taking on a hefty load of passengers, a rush of people coming and going to work or simply enjoy a cuppa chai by the roadside, we sure miss the hustle bustle of the streets. In association with Archer Art Gallery, we present Natu Mistry’s collection ‘Panoramic […]