Why do Indians wear Tilak on their Foreheads?

The beauty of most Indian Traditions is that they are little lessons in Human Physiology. Disguised as Traditions and Customs, they form habits at an early age with deep meaning attached to them that ensure the well-being of our Mind and Body.

Wearing Tilak on our foreheads is one such custom. Though it symbolizes Hinduism and has a lot of other connotations, it makes perfect sense on a scientific plane too.

Our entire body emanates energy in the form of Electromagnetic Radiations, especially the spot between the eyebrows, which is the seat of memory and thinking according to the Vedas. This Energy radiation heightens when we experience intense emotions. Emotions such as anger, worry, anxiety generate a lot of heat, and can cause a headache.

The Tilak, made of cooling ingredients like Sandalwoodcools the forehead, protects the wearer and prevents the loss of energy.

It is a common ritual in India to pay a visit to the neighborhood temple before we start our day at school, college, or the workplace. It is here that the priest puts a Tilak mark on your forehead. Also, a lot of Indian families have a little corner in their home that is dedicated as a temple to god. Every morning the woman of the house does the customary Tilak to all members of her family.

Such a positive note to begin the day on! And what a pretty reminder for the entire day to stay peaceful!

– by Aditi Bhatia

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