Meet the Maker: Lara Morakhia

‘Tavus’ – Dance of the Peacock 

Once upon a time, she was a homeopathic doctor. Then she had a bad accident and was confined to her bed for more than a year. Not one to let time just pass her by, Lara Morakhia decided to turn to making jewelry, something she’d loved for a long time. But it was mostly for friends and family back then. It wasn’t till 2018 when she really came into her own; encouraged by the response to her jewelry and the relentless motivation from her family, she launched her eponymous brand.

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Her stunning jewelry, unusual and arresting finds its way into the boxes of uber-chic women as well as some of the most stylish celebrities in the country today; Sonam K. Ahuja, Sara Ali Khan, Huma Qureshi, and Sonakshi Sinha to name just a few.

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We had a chat with Lara to find out what makes her tick.

Q. Tell us about your creative process?

A. I never trained as a designer but I had an innate love for vintage jewelry and design. I am self-taught and everything I design is based on intuition, and emotions that a piece invokes in me. I see something that looks interesting and add other elements to it that I feel work fabulously with it and whatever I am designing; be it a ring or a necklace; it evolves as it is being made. I keep the old and vintage in its original form and add new elements from different sources. There are no pen and paper drawings detailing the different parts of a piece. It takes shape as it progresses, resonating with the image I have in mind.

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Q. How do you source the elements used in your jewelry?

A. I am a collector…I collect things that I envision fitting into a piece of jewelry. It could be silver jewelry from local markets in India, or on my travels abroad, I have collected objects like naturally shed warthog tusks,  a vintage horse leather belt, porcupine quills found on a walking trail…things that don’t seem likely to become a piece of jewelry. But they speak to me in a way and my mind creates a picture where I can see them fitting perfectly.

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Q. What is the inspiration behind ‘Tavus’, your collection featured exclusively on Jaypore?

A. ‘Tavus’ is inspired by the glorious colors of a peacock’s plume, fanned out to attract a mate in monsoon; the magnetic charm of this sight and the inherent enjoyment in his dance. ‘Tavus’ reflects this joy that’s much like the happiness at the first drop of rain after a hot summer.

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Q. What kind of woman, do you think, wears your jewelry?

A. I believe jewelry is meant for self-enjoyment more than for someone else to admire it on you. I see a confident woman who values experiences more than possessions, someone who isn’t afraid to express herself.

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Lara Morakhia’s stunning collection ‘Tavus’ is exclusively available on Jaypore. Shop her eclectic designs, here :

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