My Mom Story: A Bond Without Barriers

Earlier this week, we ran a contest asking people to share their special mom story with us. The response has been so overwhelming that to do justice to all the stories that have been pouring in, we decided to share them with the world!

We begin this series with the first story that we received, from Sarah Hooper.


Mother’s Day holds mixed feelings for me, as I lost my own mother 6 years ago, I was 23. I am now 28, and in February this year I married my great love, Sharan. He is a South African of Indian descent.  While planning a Hindu wedding and learning more about his culture I became interested in the lovely art of Indian textiles, and started a saree collection, this is how I came to follow Jaypore.

Our wedding was a wonderful and magical occasion. The day was marked by a serene joy. I felt as if my mother was present in spirit, I could feel her soul with mine. I was also overwhelmed by kind love of many women there; my mothers old friends who came, and the mothers of my own friends. Most of all though, I was touched by the sincere love and good wishes of my step mother.

My parents divorced when I was very young. My father married Cindy when I was 10. Like all stepmothers and stepdaughters we had our ups and downs. But on my wedding day she was a shining star of support, pride, happiness and love. She cried the most. It was one of the nicest parts of my wedding day, having her there in such an important role. I wanted to thank her. I think my mother would have thanked her too.

– Text and Images by Sarah Hooper


If you would like to feature your story here and stand a chance to win a $300/Rs. 20,000 Jaypore care package, write to us at before 11th May and celebrate the unique bond of a mother and child.

3 responses to “My Mom Story: A Bond Without Barriers”

  1. satinder ahuja Avatar
    satinder ahuja

    You guys really hv a tough time ahead. Had to be . All moms are beautiful so all stories had to be beautiful too. Each one is special in its own way.

  2. Hi ,

    Like you said it is really difficult to choose one but since I have to, I would like to chose the story By Tania Bhattacharya
    It is a true reflection of how a mother is like the pin in the wheels of a bullock cart of yore .. taken for granted , expected to do her job and never thought of till she is gone and yet she has such a key role. Every turn of the wheel is thanks to her holding it all together .

    Thank you for sharing the stories it makes me , a late entrant into motherhood , feel blessed that i was allowed the joy and the privilege.

    Maria Kurian Chakola

  3. I love all of them since they are all from the heart!

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