Avacayam – From Temple Flowers to Colors


Holi, the festival synonymous with colors, surges the sales of ‘gulal’, balloons and pichkaris (water guns) being sold at the roadside stalls and markets. While the air is filled with mischief and people are drenching each other…have you ever wondered how these synthetic colors affect our environment? As the awareness grows, more and more people are asking this question and why not? We should take responsibility for our actions and take precautions for a better future. These colors not only degrade the environment but also cause health problems like skin rashes, temporary blindness and more. When such a beautiful festival leads to such serious consequences, should we not get together and take steps to make it safe and harmless?

This year, on this auspicious festival, Jaypore is taking an essential step towards awareness by celebrating Holi with chemical free colors. In association with The Avacayam program, an income generating platform for persons with disability, HIV infected/affected women and a movement of environment conservation, Jaypore chose to gift organic colors to all its customers between 10th and the 20th of March 2016. The program collects used flowers from temples and hotels and converts it to consumer products that are deeply embedded in our culture like Holi colors.

These eco-friendly colors are one more step towards ‘Swachch Bharat’ and a sustainable way to save the environment from a dump of fluid waste that we spill into the lakes and rivers through our urban drainage systems, to protect ourselves from the hazardous chemicals, to recycle the beauty and fragrance of flowers. One person, one entity, one collaboration can make a difference and we hope this initiative by Jaypore will inspire you to do the same. Share your chemical free Holi stories with us…

Content & Images via Jaypore.

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