My Mom Story: Cherishing Motherhood

By Srabani Majumdar

Motherhood is an awesome experience. It has elevated my emotional growth to a new level.

My son will attain adulthood (turn 18 ) on 14th may this year.The common perception is, boys & girls go through many changes in this phase of life but my experience is little different. I feel as a mother I am going through a huge transitional stage at this moment. I don’t know what will I do after waking up in the morning when he will be in hostel for higher studies just after two 2 months from now.

My mornings are for him. I cried a river on the last day of his school as I felt awful as I don’t have to wake up early in the morning to pack his tiffin.

My afternoons are for him. I used to eagerly wait for him to come back from school and tell me all the stories of all important ( as per the interpretation of his tender mind) events.

He is my best friend & I am his worst critic. I am a 24/7 Mom. He wants to confirm & validate all his action & reactions through me as he knows this is the safest place to unwind,to relieve stress & anxiety.

I am Mom,the Magician, while protecting him from all the bad & evil & I am Mom, the Monster, to those who tries to hurt or harm him. I played the role of a very strict Mom, the Monitor, during his Grade XII board examinations while hijacking all his extra hours of relaxation & dilly-dally way of life by being Mom, the Mafia.

Few days back when I was thinking that our emotional bond is at stake as I am thrashing & bashing him just to squeeze out the optimum performance in academics, he told me in an intense moment “I can not think of a world where I exist but you won’t “. That was ‘The Moment’ of my life.

I am proud to be a Mom. I have many other identities. I am a daughter, I am a sister, I am a wife & so on but I cherish the Motherhood the Most.


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