Tale Trails – Treasures Waiting Around the Bend

We all travel for different reasons. To experience a place far removed from our own, savor delectable treats, soak in the city life and the unmatched scent of hidden streets.

But mostly what tugs at wanderlust-struck heartstrings is the desire to discover something hidden behind the bend, a little gem that we can carry with us forever.

Few things beat the romance of wandering the streets of a town and discovering such treasures. More often than not, these take the shape of quaint bookstores that hold within them nuggets of the city they call home and postcards of life beyond their shores. Peeking in at the books on display and losing sense of time between the aisles can be the perfect introduction to a town or even the fittest farewell before departing from it.

While it isn’t wise to judge a book by its cover, it may not be foolhardy to judge a place by the bookstores it hosts.

The lifeblood of a forgotten city or a famed town often lies within the walls of a quiet room filled with wondrous tales.

Join us on a series of Tale Trails as we share stories of treasures waiting to be discovered by thirsty bibliophiles and curious travelers.

Come now, step right in.

– by Manika Dhama

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