Shadow and Light.. a little black a little white..


I see a rustic courtyard in dappled light,
     with thatched roofs,
and ageing terracotta figurines…

     I see a woman in white cottons,
     with dark eyes
     and quaint silver rings…

I see an old tree dancing,
     to the tranquil notes of an iktara
playing in the background…


I see old clay pots,
dark with soot,
from all those years…

there’s old linen,
heavy with texture,

I see a glint of color,
it’s the feet of that woman,
painted the customary red…


And we’re off again,
to dreamland..
only this time we bring back
some beautiful finds,
just for you..

Click on the product images to shop.

All product images from Jaypore, all others from here, here and here.

– text by Aditi Bhatia

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