Wrapped in Style

And it’s that time of the year again, when you can smell the festivity in the air! It is the birthday season (don’t you think this month is just packed with birthdays!),  the festival season, the wedding season, the Diwali season… In short it’s the gifting season! Since buying a gift for loved ones is such a personal thing, we decided to not tread there. But hey, we can certainly help you wrap the gift in style!

So here are some of our favorite DIY gift wrapping ideas from our (quite productive) sessions of Cyberloafing…

Plain old brown paper.

It can never fail you.

Colorful Kite Paper or left over Colored Paper!

Bring out the dusty old kite, cut, paste and create art. Kite paper has a beautiful sheer-ness to it and the colors are always nice and bright. They stand beautifully against whites or other light colors and create a superb effect when two colors overlap.

Tip: Only use clear glue to stick kite paper, you don’t want the marks to show through.

Re-using Rakhis for the upcoming Diwali!

Remember those beautiful Rakhis that you tucked away in that corner coz you didn’t have the heart to throw away such prettiness? Yes the ones from last month. It’s time to give them a second life. Use it in place of a ribbon on a small gift box or to tie an envelope.

Do we need to say why we love this one?

It’s newspaper, it’s environment friendly, it’s something you will never run out of, and it can look really cool! Plus it’s a nice way of inculcating lessons on ‘Re-cycling’ into your little one by engaging him in the process.

Do ribbons and laces and hearts and peachy pinks make you dizzy?

Ditch them all and seal it with a Mooch (Hindi for mustache)

Not only is it a super macho take on the feminine art of Gift Wrapping, it is also trending crazy this season!

Just scribble a note, or say it with pictures…

If you’re a superwoman in the kitchen but develop cold feet when faced with craft challenges, don’t worry. Dig out some weapons from your territory!

Cupcake paper moulds! In the end it’s all about dressing it up, doesn’t matter if it’s a cupcake or a little gift for a toddler.

And some more…

Have more ideas? Do share, we’d love to see…

Happy gifting!

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– text by Aditi Bhatia

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