On A Platter: Christmas Special Date and Walnut Cake

With five days to go for mandatory merry making, we’re putting on the apron and oven mints to whip up a sublime treat…a warm and dreamy Date and Walnut Cake that tugs at the heartstrings, feels like a hug and pulls friends and family real close.

Date & Walnut Cake


What You’ll Need

Dates 250 gms
Soda bicarbonate 1/2 teaspoon
Water (warm) 55 ml
Powdered sugar (sieved) 115 gms
Refined flour 115 gms
Margarine 85 gms
Eggs 2
Walnut 50 gms
Baking powder 1/4th teaspoon

How To Make It

1. Chop and soak dates in water mixed with soda bicarbonate overnight. (You can also add 20ml rum to the soaking mix. Just reduce the water to 50ml.)
2. Chop walnuts and add it up the dates mix.
3. Sieve flour with baking powder and mix half the flour in the dates and walnut mix.
4. Cream margarine and add powdered sugar. Beat till light and fluffy.
5. Beat eggs and add to the mixture.
6. Fold the dates mix and the remaining flour.
7. Bake in a lined tin for 45-55 mins at 150 degrees Celsius.

Garnish with coconut for a frosty feel and top it up with a cherry and mint leaves to get set for the Christmas feast.

Serve with a hot cup of tea or a glass of mulled wine.

Recipe (and a delicious treat) courtesy Tanya Gupta at Whisk A Wish


Do you have an interesting recipe to share? Write to us at iheart@jaypore.com

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