Sartorially Set: 8 Winter Getaway Essentials

Being a victim of over-packing while travelling is quite normal especially in winters when you are tempted to pack almost everything to save yourself from the nasty weather. Never again! We did the math, considered all of the important options, and found that all you really need for a stylish cold weather weekend away are these 8 essentials.

Winter Look dec.24

  1. The Dark Fuchsia Woolen Cape, shop here-
  2. The Blue Kimono Dress, shop here-
  3. Cozy and Comfortable Leather Boots
  4. Multicolor Kashmiri Embroidered Clutch, shop here-
  5. Moisturizing Rose Patchouli After-Bath Oil, shop here-
  6. Colorful Printed Stole, shop here-
  7. Handmade Paper Journal, shop here-
  8. Warm and Lightweight single quilt, shop here-

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