A little white… a little color…

A little white… a little color…

On this blazing summer Saturday,
as we sink into a couch and into dreamland…
on a search for the perfect summer decor palette…
we stumble across..

…the Summer of the White linen,
of the morning yoga lessons in the cool shade of the neem tree..
and then there is the other Summer, of Colorful sarees,
on women buying flowers outside a temple in Southern India…

There is the Summer of the white marble of the Taj,
with a White-ness that is cool.. soothing.. infinite…
but there also is the Summer of the village fair,
bathed in Colors, from its tattoo-ed camels to the men’s turbans!

So how do we pick, between our love for Whites and Colors?!!!
Maybe, we don’t have to…
Maybe these lovely rooms are here just for that..
to show us how to get the best of both worlds!

Which one’s your favorite?


For more decor inspiration visit us here – https://www.pinterest.com/jaypore/the-home-story/

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