Designer Dhvani Behl’s ‘Flora for Fauna’ on Jaypore

Growing is “having or showing life”. Deeply inspired by nature, Dhvani Behl of Flora for Fauna brings to Jaypore an interesting range of digitally printed and wood-cut hand-printed textiles, that showcase her unique design language. The pieces also carry a pretty sprinkling of hand embroidery, that gives the compositions an added dimension.

Apart from nature, Dhvani Behl also finds inspiration in the works of William Morris and the general aesthetic of 18th and 19th century European decadence and luxury- the Rococo florals or Victorian dresses. Her work is a constant attempt to capture a feeling of opulence and luxury through the various mediums she works with.

Dhvani Behl is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design, with a degree in Print making. She has been running an artist printing studio in Delhi since 2013. Flora for Fauna studio specializes in high quality silkscreen and woodcut prints, all conceived, drawn and printed by Dhvani herself.

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  1. Your unique style is mesmerizing

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