Jaypore’s Vintage Playlist

Jaypore's Vinatge Playlist

The monsoon season rained on all your plans? Stay in and make the most of your peculiar urges of having a hot cup of tea & savory snacks beside the window sill, while listening to our vintage English & Hindi playlist that celebrates some of the most renowned musicians/bands of the past decades.

The Beatles
Reminisce in fond memories of the good old days with the Beatles who defined pop culture and rock music in a way like no band ever did!

The BeatlesImage via The Huffington Post

Kishore Kumar
Much known for his melodious music and exceptional voice, Kishore Kumar also introduced a new style of singing called yodelling back in the 60’s.

Kishore KumarImage via bollypop.in

The Swedish band created a new style of pop music that became a major hit in discos in the 70’s called the Euro pop or Euro disco and made Abba one of the most popular singing bands of the 70’s and 80’s.

AbbaImage via KraljAleksandar, deviantart.com

PS: Did you know that the name Abba is an acronym made from the names of the band members respectively ; Agnetha Faltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson and Anni-Frid Lyngstad.

Mohammad Rafi
This greatest playback singer in the history of Bollywood brought to life many beautiful and memorable melodies of the past years, which haven’t lost their charm even today and still sound fresh in every ear. If you are in a mood to relax, then Rafi’s songs are just what you need to calm your senses!Mohammad RafiImage via tiktam51, photobucket.com

Elvis Presley
The seductive looks, hip shaking music and the unique fusion of country music and rhythm made Elvis Presley the undisputed king of rock and roll and pop music that had the entire youth dancing for decades on his catchy beats.Elvis PresleyImage via reactiongifs.com

Asha Bhosle
The little quirks and nuances in her music and the versatility of her voice was what made Asha Bhosle stand out from the others. The singer’s forte is ‘sensual romantic songs’.

Asha BhosleImage via vyjayanthimala, tumblr.com

Neil Diamond
This famous musician brought pop music culture to a whole new level with his energy packed performances and upbeat music, which was a mix of rock and roll and pop.Neil DiamondImage via bobbyfinger, tumblr.com

Bappi Lahiri
With a vibrant personality and an unmatched style, the music legend Bappi Lahiri was the one who popularized the disco beats of the 70’s and is widely known as the “Disco King” of India even today.Bappi LahiriImage via Bollywood Celebden

Frank Sinatra
Recognized as one of the greatest singers of pop songs, Frank Sinatra created magic with his soft, soothing voice and soulful music that has touched many heartstrings and influenced youth culture.Frank SinatraImage via twentiethcenturymelody.tumblr.com

Lata Mangeshkar
Crowned as the nightingale of India, the mesmerizing voice of Lata Mangeshkar is one of the most recorded voice in music history and an inspiration to many.Lata MangeshkarImage via dhrupad, tumblr.com

Share with us your all-time favorite songs and indulge in some good old music with our exquisite collection of vintage music records.

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