Indian Craft Meets International Design

Indian Heritage Meets International Designers

The rich cultural heritage and exquisite craft forms of India have always been a source of inspiration for global fashion and international designers and the latest thing to add on to this list are the beautiful embroideries done at a workshop called ‘Aditiany’ in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai, India. Finding their way to the red carpets through the collections of celebrated designers like Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs, John Galliano, Saint Laurent and Michael Kors, these stunning embroidered and embellished pieces are inspired by the Indian crafts and motifs.

 In 2010, LouiIndian Embroideriess Vuitton did a whole collection inspired from the Indian festivals of lights, Diwali, which showcased beautiful pieces of ready-to-wear saree dresses made with Benarasi brocades and incorporated Indian traditional motifs like paisleys and monogrammed flowers. Dior Resort 2008 collection done by John Galliano also saw a beautiful fusion of Indian colors and motifs exhibiting intricate embroidery work on silk and chiffon, gold embellished borders, paisleys and temple motifs in bright hues of pinks and greens.

Another designer who took inspiration from the royal heritage and regal costumes of India was Alexander McQueen for his fall 2008 collection. The collection featured rich fabrics with elaborate embroidery work done on them, traditional paisley, peacock motifs and precious stone embellishments. Chanel’s Bombay-Paris Collection was also based on the majestic grandeur of Indian maharajas and royalty showcasing models decked up in metallic sarees and embroidered jumpers adorned with stunning embellishments.
India inspiredTime after time, international designers have found inspiration in the uniqueness of  Indian art forms and hand-crafted techniques of embroidery and weaving and have made us feel proud of our rich Indian heritage and textiles! Tell us, which is your favorite India-inspired collection by an international designer?
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