A Love Affair with Jewelry: Amrapali’s Chandrika Collection

In India, all that glitters, is nearly always jewelry. We can’t have enough of it and it’s not just the wedding and festive seasons that make us hungry for more; we’re in love with our gold, silver, diamonds and precious jewels throughout the year. India’s style lexicon is punctuated with jewelry of every shape and size and it is sold everywhere, from jewelry stores in one-market towns to the polished interiors of a mall dedicated to jewelry. Our intense fascination for jewelry is age old too, case in point – the ‘Dancing Girl’ bronze figurine from Mohenjodaro. Ancient Indians appreciated jewelry for its intrinsic value as well as a high art form. We’ve been melting and moulding precious metals into intricate shapes and encrusting them with diamonds, rubies emeralds and sapphires for centuries and then passing them down as heirlooms because they were achingly beautiful as well as expensive. This passionate affair with jewelry has resulted in a huge wealth of techniques and traditional designs influenced by our rich history, that are instantly identifiable as Indian.

But things are changing and today’s woman comes with new aesthetic sensibilities that combines traditional with global trends. This has led to traditional designs being infused with a contemporary aesthetic and Amrapali Jewels is at the forefront of this new narrative. Born in 1978, Amrapali Jewels has made major contributions to the luxury jewelry segment in the domestic and international markets and count royalty, luminaries in the entertainment business and corporates among their patrons. Amrapali’s exquisite pieces have found their way into famous families like Hermes, Corum, Porche, and Barbie-Muller. With a vast repertoire of jewelry carved out of precious metals and stones by local artisans supported by Amrapali, their award winning pieces are taking India jewelry design across the globe. Amrapali has successfully showcased the exclusivity and magnificence of Indian heritage jewelry to the world and made Jaipur, their hub of operations, synonymous with Indian jewelry.

To take their commitment to contemporizing ethnic styles of jewelry, Amrapali has ventured into fashion jewelry now and has brought its trademark bold and eclectic style to new jewelry pieces that are ‘with-it’ and affordable putting them right within the reach of a younger audience. This not only ensures that Amrapali has a new audience but also that the younger generation is able to appreciate the uniqueness of ancient Indian designs and techniques. Vibrant and avant garde, the ‘Chandrika’ collection efficiently showcases designs derived from antique Indian ornaments like the ‘Taveez’ (a talisman) and mythical beings. Silver oxidized plating on base metal is embellished with predominantly pink enamel work – an ode to the Pink City of Jaipur and each piece is adorned with specially created hand-painted miniature painting motifs on handmade Sanganeri paper.

As an online brand dedicated to creating a unique interpretation of age-old hand loom crafts, we travel across India curating unique and exclusive collections that represent the country’s finest craft-based designs. We present collections online by partnering with artisanal communities, textile designers, and independent artists to showcase a new contemporary design language that comes from India and is understood globally.

Shop Amrapali‘s Chandrika Collection on jaypore.com.

Content & Images by Amrapali & Jaypore

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