Savoring The Jamdani

One of Bengal’s most famed textiles, the Jamdani, is a time consuming, labor-intensive weave with rich floral and geometric motifs like the kalka (paisley), fulwar (rows of flowers), tercha (diagonal) and panna hajar (a thousand emeralds).

Traditionally woven into sarees, Jaypore’s newest edit reimagined the Jamdani in a more playful and contemporary, but entirely relatable way.

Twirl-worthy dresses and kurtas, and spirited scarves to remind you of summer vacations past- when pockets full of sweetmeats and parcels of delights were smuggled away from the prying eyes of adults, to be savored at leisure.

These jaunty pieces will return you to simpler times, but with an oh-so-chic upgrade. Take a bite out of these and relive the summer splendor.

Shop Here:

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