Live like royalty in resplendent vintage Benarasi silk brocade kurtas

The brocades of Benaras have a long and storied past, ‘Naqshabands,’ master draftsmen from Central Asia migrated to Benaras, and brought with them, the technique of brocade weaving along with a rich library of motifs.

Some of the most popular motifs seen in Benarasi brocade include the tree of life, pomegranate flowers and the ‘shikargah’ (hunting).

Soak in the luxuriousness of vintage Benarasi brocade with Jaypore’s newest edit of reimagined kurtas. Each piece. painstakingly restored to its original splendor through a laborious process to create one-of-a-kind heirlooms.

Embrace this intricate art of weaving and be a modern begum at your next festivity and strike the perfect balance between opulence and elegance.

Shop Here:

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