Jaypore Trendsetters: Ishita Yashvi

When it’s bright, happy and filled with color, it must be festive! With the celebratory season upon us, we wanted to explore what stylish, up to-their-ears-in-work women are wearing. So we collaborated with Ishita Yashvi, a one-time corporate warrior, now the owner of CB Kitchens, an online restaurant and let her pick a few pieces from our collections. She and her insta friends clearly loved these looks and so did we. But that’s never enough for us so we also pickled her brains to unravel her style mantra.

Here’s how it went down:

Q. What is your style philosophy?

A. I love everything Indian. Mix and match is the DNA of my closet

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Q. What are the 5 essential elements we would find in your festive closet?

A. Statement jewelry, bright colors, dressy sarees, juttis and vibrant dupattas

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Q. How would you describe your personal style?

A. I’d say my style is very individualistic. I remember mixing and matching my Indian outfits when traditional Indian wear wasn’t as cool as it is now. I remember growing up with not many good Indian brands, unlike now. So I always picked up fabric, styled it myself and got it stitched back then. When girls my age, when I was younger, would pick LBDs, I’d opt for a halter blouse with a saree. Traditional Indian style has always defined me.

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Q. Tell us about your transition from corporate warrior to entrepreneur

A. It was a natural progression. I worked for 15 years, building various brands and then it got to a point where I wasn’t feeling challenged or inspired. So, along with four of my childhood friends, I founded Cross Border Kitchens with a vision to cause some disruption in the market and create something of value.

Q. What is CB Kitchen?

A. CB Kitchen is a food tech firm, operating multiple cloud kitchens and food delivery brands, covering a variety of cuisines.

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