Saree 101: The Chic Six-Yards Your Closet Needs

Chic LBDs, floaty anarkalis, silk kurtas or billowing tulle and lace gowns; your wardrobe can have all of these and yet not be complete because it’s missing that one iconic piece of clothing – the saree.

Six yards of fantasy come alive in exquisite weaves, stirring motifs, and an unbelievable palette of colors, and you want it all!

So what makes a good saree collection? One that has lots or one that’s a mix of the most iconic weaves, eclectic pieces from all over the country and contemporary beauties that are fresh translations of heritage weaves?

And the answer to all of those is yes, of course, but there are some that you simply can’t do without.

Here’s our exhaustive guide on must-have sarees for every occasion:



This regal, opulent silk from Varanasi or Benaras, once called Hiranya Vastra or ‘cloth of gold’ is the least common denominator of every well-appointed trousseau. Intricately woven silk yarn interspersed with gold and silver hued zari motifs, decadent brocades and the brilliant colors all make it the ‘First Saree’ of a stylish wardrobe

Shop Benarasi Sarees Here:


Timeless and incredibly stylish, the regal Kanjeevaram is something you simply can’t do without. One of the dressiest sarees, a Kanjeevaram can render the room speechless with its lustrous silk body adorned with dazzling zari laden motifs and the contrast pallu that is actually stitched onto the finished saree.

Shop Kanjeevaram Sarees Here:


Kota Doria

Born in the sweltering heat of Rajasthan, Kota Doria is a triumph of man over nature, without sacrificing aesthetics. Woven with silk and cotton yarns in the warp and weft, Kota Doria is a soft, airy weave perfect for the hot and humid weather. Perfect for everyday wear, authentic Kota Doria is now made only by a small group of weavers in Kaithoon, a small town near Kota.   

Shop Kota Doria Sarees Here:


It is said that the first Maheshwari was designed by the great Holkar queen Ahilyabai herself, when she invited weavers from Surat and Malwa to come to Maheshwar and create exquisite nine-yards as gifts for her special guests. With such history, this gossamer textile certainly deserves a place in your closet.

Shop Maheshwari Sarees Here:

Cotton Mul

Indulgent, sophisticated and almost woven out of thin air, mul cottons are a delight to wear. A zero-fuss weave, mul cotton does well when paired with bold block prints and big color, and is one of the finest day-wear sarees you must have in your closet.

Shop Cotton Mul Sarees Here:



Brilliantly hued flowers and foliage, temple scenes and muggu or the traditional Kolam designs, painted with a bamboo reed qalam (pen) or block printed by hand adorn that visually stunning textile called Kalamkari. And this is one saree that must find a place in your work wardrobe for its unique blend of colors, motifs and history…the kalamkari fabric was once used as currency to trade spices with Southeast Asia!

Shop Kalamkari Sarees Here:

Kantha Embroidered

There is no denying kantha is one of the most visually arresting crafts to have emerged from India, and a cotton or silk saree embroidered with kantha is just what you need to spruce up your work wardrobe. With their abundance of colors and a choice of heavy or light threadwork in both silk and cotton, kantha sarees are perennial favorites in every stylish closet.

Shop Kantha Sarees Here:


You can’t praise ikat enough! Its intriguing geometric motifs achieved by meticulously dyeing yarn before weaving and then training that yarn through a loom to create patterns is in itself enough to want an Ikat saree in your wardrobe. As workwear, ikat sarees are perfect with their minimalist design and a wide palette of colors.

Shop Ikat Sarees Here:


An iconic Indian craft, the Madhubani or Maithili painting has found a fresh rendition on sarees giving connoisseurs of both the craft and the garment a great way to carry them both in their closets. Include it in your workwear closet for its vivid hues and engaging motifs.

Shop Madhubani Sarees Here:



With a glimmering, sheer texture, dainty motifs borrowed from nature and the world around the weaver and an ‘almost, not there’ weight, the Chanderi is one of the finest weaves in India’s saree repertoire. Perfect for pre-wedding events, festivals and starlit soirees, the Chanderi adds a new layer of sophistication to your wardrobe.

Shop Chanderi Sarees Here:

Handwoven Cotton

Cotton textiles of all kinds have long been Indian most celebrated export to ancient Rome, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Adorned with woven motifs, dyed in rich earthy tones or block printed in a myriad of motifs, the cotton saree is really the mainstay of a stylish wardrobe. And you just can’t have enough of it!

Shop Handwoven Cotton Sarees Here:

Handwoven Silk

There are three beautiful silks indigenous to India – Eri, Muga and Tussar. And each one will enrich your wardrobe. Eri or Ahimsa Silk is one of its kind where the silk is extracted after the silkworm leaves the cocoon; Muga, the distinct gold-hued silk, and Tussar, the ‘wild silk’ are all textiles with long histories steeped in stories. Make space for these fine silks in your festive occasion wardrobe.

Shop Handwoven Silk Sarees Here:


Season agnostic, stylish and a sophisticate’s dream, the Jamdani is an important part of India’s rich artistic legacy. Bengal’s finest cotton muslin, the jamdani is made by the extra weft technique and requires a master weaver as well as an apprentice weaver who works the shuttle of colored yarn that creates the beautiful floral and geometric motifs on the saree. A labor of love and once a champion of India’s freedom movement as a handmade weave, the jamdani must be included in your closet for as much as its delicate motifs and textured cotton base as for its historic value.

Shop Jamdani Sarees Here:

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on sarees, go forth and experiment, and if you want to see our complete collection of splurge-worthy sarees, click here:

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