Desk Decor: How To Create An Inspiring Workstation

It’s funny how life turns out, one minute (mostly on a Monday morning) you wish your job gave you the flexibility to work from home, and the next, you wish with all your heart you were inching towards your office, one coffee down, road rage in full swing, rearing to start the day. Life, it’s funny like that.

Then there’s the matter of work spaces, didn’t you always promise yourself that if you ever had a home office, it would be what Pinterest dreams are made of? Yet, here you are curled up in a dark corner, stretched out in bed, laptop afoot, or staring at the peeling wall you swore you’d fix. Not very inspiring, or productive, if you think about it. But, help is at hand…what would you do if we told you that you can create the work-space of your dreams, easily and cheaply? Don’t believe us? Read on to see simple ways to create the perfect WFH nook!


Start with a quiet, well-lit corner, preferably away from high traffic areas, along with a sturdy table and a comfortable chair. If you can, invest in a whiteboard, or a bulletin board to pin up important information, fun art, or even pictures that make you smile (the office may be gone, but the stress is still there).

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Popular opinion suggests that soothing light is best, unfortunately,  mood lighting is not very practical to get you through the workday. Our recommendation? Soak up as much sunlight when you can, and then switch to brighter lights- a desk lamp, a pendant light, or any other source of warm, yellow light.

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When it comes to plants, you can never really stop at one. Breathe life into your spaces with some easy to care for plants; succulents and terrariums are perfect for even the not-so-green thumb among us, and if you’re really serious about gardening, how about some conversation-starting planters? Just remember to hydrate; yourself and your plants!

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Working from home is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and individuality. Add some eclectic accents, postcards, notes from loved ones, and while you may see them a lot, how about a few goofy pictures of the family? No questions asked, no judgment passed…

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Working from home also means dining at home, and this is perhaps the only opportunity to do it in style. Lay out a delightful spread, if time permits, or glam up your leftovers with chic serve-ware. And for once, you can sip your coffee without worrying about your co-worker stealing your mug, so why not invest in something special? And of course, a funky bottle to encourage your (water) drinking habit!

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No matter which way you choose to go, just remember to have fun, be creative, and most importantly, stay safe! 

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