Connecting The Dots: RAAB by Sadhna

Exquisite, breathable and beautifully textured, cotton is a versatile fabric. A blank canvas, it lends itself to so much for your wardrobe and is coveted the world over, found in every stylish woman’s summer closet. We offer a vast variety of cottons from indie labels, weavers’ collectives and self-help groups and you’ve shown them so much love!

In the spotlight today is a collection by RAAB,  a women’s collective from Udaipur. An inclusive organization, the collective works with more than 700 women from Rajasthan, where each one is a stakeholder and a decision-maker. 

The artisans at RAAB are skilled in tailoring and hand embroideries like applique, ‘taanka’ (running stitch) and patchwork; using their skills to generate income for their families and in the process, overcome societal norms. And no victory is a small one!

Today we’re presenting RAAB’s debut collection, “Connecting the dots” – a  collection of timeless cotton separates that reflect a refined aesthetic and fit right into the modern woman’s closet. 

Find your favorites in this array of easy dresses, overlays, tops, trousers, stoles and sarees; style them together by layering or wear them as standalone pieces. But each time you take them out of the closet, you’d be able to hear a little victory song somewhere in Rajasthan.

Explore the whole collection here:

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