Natu Mistry’s Streetscapes

Hawkers calling out customers, cows crossing the streets, rikshaw-pullers taking on a hefty load of passengers, a rush of people coming and going to work or simply enjoy a cuppa chai by the roadside, we sure miss the hustle bustle of the streets.

Haveli aur Mandir Ink and Pastel Color on Paper

In association with Archer Art Gallery, we present Natu Mistry’s collection ‘Panoramic Streetscapes’ that perennially cements the streets via his paintings that take us on a monochrome journey, sometimes splashed with just the right amount of color, and makes us wonder when we can enjoy a chaat by the road or experience the rush once again!

Zulta Minar Ink and Watercolor on Paper

About Natu Mistry:
Natu Mistry was born in Hallisa, Gujarat in 1933. After completing his Diploma in Fine Art from Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, he did his post-graduation in Art Masters Examination from C.N. Fine Art College, Ahmedabad. He worked in varied fields throughout his life, first as a cartoonist in “Gujarat Samachar” and as an Interior Decorator. In 1995, he became a full time artist & exhibited his artworks in major cities of India. His remarkable exhibitions ‘Panoramic Streetscapes’ was received highly by the art community. Now his forte, he seems to have a unending fascination for ‘Streetscapes’. He has also written 26 books on Art and Drawing as a Pioneer Writer of Books on Art in Gujarat.

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