Jaypore Journeys: Curated Trails Across India

India takes pride in the depth of her traditions. Deep-seated culture permeates through crafts, cuisine, language, architecture and art. It has been our earnest effort to give you the most unadulterated access to our discoveries, sharing stories of our journey along the way. But sometimes we are smitten by beauty, so immensely pure and powerful that no words can describe it; it has to be felt to be truly appreciated.

Thus began Jaypore Journeys, curated trails to enchanting corners of India, with our experiential travel partner Breakaway.

Join us as we traverse unique corners of India.

Experience rich textile traditions, meet some fine craftsmen and connect with stories that have kept these centuries-old traditions alive. Get set for an experience worth a thousand counts.


Central India: A Textured Trail Through A Rich Textile Legacy

4 Nights/5 Days

12th – 16th December 2015

This is the heart of India, where ancient temples with fine stone carvings and awe inspiring forts punctuate the lush green expanses of land, weaving villages create some of the finest fabrics for the world, while the river Narmada flows quietly past. Experience the most appreciated of India’s textile traditions. Meet some fine craftsmen and connect with stories that have kept these traditions dating back to the 15th century, alive. Get set for an experience worth a thousand counts! Explore Now >


Journey to Kashmir: Explore the Beauty and Crafts of this Wondrous Land

5 Nights/6 Days

August/September 2015

The imagery of Kashmir is exotic, beautiful and startling, yielding literature, poetry and handicrafts that are both exquisite and unmatched. Five days spent in Kashmir offer the opportunity to get exposed to the wondrous history and intricate craftsmanship of this mountainous region, allowing you to witness the way of life and traditions of Kashmir up close and personal. Explore Now >

Braj ki Holi: A Curated Journey to Celebrate Holi in Mathura-Barsana-Vrindavan

1 Night/2 Days

27th & 28th February 2015

In Braj, the land of Krishna’s childhood, Holi is celebrated with much fanfare, unlike anywhere else in the country. Our special tour is designed to give you a flavour of some of the varied events of Holi in this dev-bhumi (land of the gods), focusing on the celebrations in Mathura, Barsana and Vrindavan. Explore Now >

Riding Through A Riot of Colors: A Textile Trail in Ahmedabad and Kutch

6 Nights/7 Days

December 2014, February 2015

Indulge in a rich, diverse cultural journey, complete with historical context, wrapped with local interactions and cuisine. A journey filled with new friendships, fonder appreciation and understanding on Indian textiles and memories worth a thousand counts. Explore Now >

Patterns in the Desert: A Textile Trail in Jaipur

4 Nights /5 Days

December 2014, February 2015

Golden sands, indigo skies and crimson forts find an echo in its traditional fabrics. Visit master craftsmen and award-winning printers who will walk you through beautiful Bagru, Indigo and Sanganeri printing traditions of the desert kingdom. Explore Now >

Silken Riches and Historic Lineages: A Textile Trail in Tamil Nadu

5 Nights/6 Days

February, March 2015

A land infused with cultural wonders, historical vortexes and perhaps the best South Indian food you can imagine, we dip into weaves from India’s Great South. An experience infused with remarkable bounds -Tamil Nadu’s diverse world of textiles, their humility, spiritual residences and pathways to the past may give you another perspective into why the South has it best. Explore Now >

Holi Tour of Braj-Vrindavan

1 Night/2 Days

March 2014

A burst of spring colours in the land of Krishna. Visitors learned about the traditional ethos of the festival, and the philosophy centred around traditional celebrations. They reveled in the ever-increasing accelerating madness of colour that begins in Braj much before the rest of India starts playing Holi. Read More >

A Journey to Kutch

7 or 9 Nights

December 2013

Kutch, a cultural kaleidoscope like no other. The choice of a 7 or 9 day guided journey offered the opportunity to get exposed to the crafts and meet artisans and influencers who are driving the local communities to produce globally desired textiles and artwork. A textile designer further enhanced this rich cultural experience through a layer of educated facilitation. Read more >


For enquiries, write to us at journeys@jaypore.com

2 responses to “Jaypore Journeys: Curated Trails Across India”

  1. alagu swetha saranya Avatar
    alagu swetha saranya

    Like to know the cost of kutch trip of 9 days for 2, preferably in late february

    1. Hi Swetha,

      Please drop us a mail at journeys@jaypore.com and our travel team will revert with the details.

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