Festive Ripples: Romancing the waves of a Leheriya

The colors of spring rarely come alive the way they do on a leheriya fabric, where vibrant hues shine through and celebrate the uniqueness of each shade blended together.

Leheriya is a traditional style of tie-dye practiced in Rajasthan. Deriving its name from the Rajasthani word for ‘wave’, this technique is often used to produce complex wave patterns on brightly colored cloth.

The material is rolled diagonally and certain portions resisted by lightly binding threads at a short distance from one another before the cloth is dyed. If the distance is shorter, then greater skill is required in preventing one colour from spilling into the other. The process of dyeing is repeated until the requisite number of colours is obtained.

Leheriya was patronized in the 19th and early 20th century by local traders and merchants who wore turbans of bright Leheriya fabric.

It has since been reinvented and now finds itself on the fashion ramp in stylish forms, gracing a danseuse in her many moods or even adorning revelers at a spring carnival.

The magic of the leheriya wave never gets old and is likely to be the flavor of many a celebration to come.

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