Home Diaries: A Goan Sea-Shell

We all love homes that are an extension to the owner’s personality, that reflect her passions and weaknesses, homes where conversation flows without words.

Jaypore decided to step inside beautiful homes from around the world and bring you the unique aesthetics, decor inspirations and wonderful stories that come together to create a personal space.


Discovering a beautiful home always makes for a special memory, but this one is all the more special. It’s our very first!

This was when we had Alice on a telephonic conversation with us, for her gorgeous range of hand-blocked prints that we featured last month, when her Goan home got mentioned. On digging a little further (and digging we are good at!) look what a gem we found, or better still a sea-shell, for Alice loves collecting pretty sea shells from the sandy shores of Goa!

Alice Von Baum, a textile artist, a specialist at hand-block printing, a home designer passionate about restoration with a degree in Interior Architecture from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, and the owner of this breathtakingly gorgeous home in Goa, lets us in, into her heavenly abode.

Why don’t you lovely people spend some time at the property, while Jaypore wanders off scouting for other such hidden seashells.

– Text by Aditi Bhatia; Images Courtesy: Alice Von Baum

If you would like to feature your beautiful home here, write to us on iheart@jaypore.com with the title ‘Home Diaries’.

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