Home Diaries: Rustic Retreat

Many of us covet a getaway in the lap of nature, where quietude can release all the accumulated stresses of city living.

When designer and decor aficionado Viji Jayaraman decided to set up home away from Delhi where she grew up, she wanted to create a space that encompassed all the fabulous ingredients of a retreat.

For the second feature of our series ‘Home Diaries’ we were invited for a peek inside the recently constructed home that sits pretty on the outskirts of a coffee plantation near Bangalore, Karnataka. If the location wasn’t enough to make us jealous, the carefully handpicked items within the home certainly did the trick. Collected from different parts of India during her travels, the unique artefacts in Viji’s traditionally designed home are a decor lover’s delight. Behold the majestic columns that define the seating space while the hanging prayer lamps emit a tranquil vibe.

This beautiful home was conceptualised by Viji as an ancestral home for her four grand-children and what a wonder it is! From reading their favourite books on the swing to running amok around the Coconut and Cardamom trees that line the property, there’s a lot for them to love.

And now you can enjoy it and get inspired too. Prepare to let out a jealous sigh. Remember we warned you!

– Text by Manika Dhama; Images Courtesy – Viji Jayaraman

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