We are Twins.. Almost..!

When we saw these gorgeous portraits of Indian royalty and these intensely ethnic rooms, we couldn’t help play match! So here you go, on a royal rendezvous, with these perfect sets of twins, well almost..!

Whoever says men can’t carry off pink, hasn’t seen this handsome portrait of the Maharaja of Jodhpur yet. And the room’s just tailor made for his highness, don’t you think?

These are from two very different states of India, but Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab would look just fabulous in the royal bedroom at the Chandra Mahal in Bikaner, Rajasthan!
Wondering if the brave-heart Maharani Jind Kaur of Punjab ever visited the Imperial Harem at the Topkapi palace in Istanbul. Maybe not, but hey we are daydreamers..! Imagine.. the maharani resting on her elbow… on an exquisite bolster in the harem… on a musical evening… watching the setting sun… wow!
Well, we cheated a bit here. That’s no royalty, nor is this an Indian palace, but they are so pretty together!
Maharaja Duleep Singh… and the golds of the room.. Just perfect.
The brooding prince, and the icy chandeliers..
Her Highness Janaki Subbamma Bai Sahib, Rani of Puddukottai, would be a sight to behold on this diwan in the Jaipur Palace during one of her Carnatic Music sessions.
A peep into the life of a Maharani… in a royal palace in Rajasthan… in the 1800s… dear lord, is that too much to ask for?
– Text by Aditi Bhatia, Images from here, here and here

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