A Date with Design and More at Windmill Design Festival 2015

Over the last few years, the studios of Windmill Interiors and Pradeep Sachdeva Design Associates (PSDA) at Aya Nagar on the Delhi-Haryana border have become the focus of a creative community that often drops in to share an idea, collaborate or simply talk over a cup of coffee. The Windmill Festival celebrates this friendship and brings together a motley crew of designers, crafts persons, artists and an NGO.

Making it to its third installment last weekend, we stepped in for a quick stroll, only to emerge four hours later with beaming faces, quiche and lassi happy tummies and lots of goodies tucked under the arm that we just couldn’t resist!

Curated by Devika Sachdeva of Windmill Interiors, this year’s festival saw an intimate gathering of young design entrepreneurs displaying their products, many of whom Jaypore has proudly showcased. These included Red Earth’s newest collection of natural Holi colors, ikat silk textiles by Kala aur Katha, colorful handbags by Pure Ghee Designs, Bidri work stationery and craft games by Potli Games, among others. Windmill’s signature teak furniture and accents were also on display, glorious in their elegant finish and minimalist style.

The festival also saw newer design studios receiving a platform to display their work. Among them was Zikwa (meaning “less perfect, more human”, as seen on a board near their products), a socially driven lifestyle brand with ceramic ware and framed mini-sculptures on display. Another interesting brand was Gomaads, who have transformed their love for concrete into classic and functional home accents.

As connoisseurs trickled in, conversations of the stories of handcrafted pieces filled the festival space, as did smatterings of wonderment at the skill with which each product had been made.

The Saturday sun continued its westward trajectory and we (reluctantly) drew ourselves away from it all.

Under the shade, children enjoyed a clay workshop conducted by Bhumi Gajjar, while in the cafe adjacent to them, visitors rested and sampled steaming hot cakes, quiches and fresh juice fare presented by Chill & Chai who took over the kitchen for the festival. Those with a penchant for local flavors got to down glasses of lassi alongside crispy mathris in green chutney served by chattering girls stationed outside the cafe.

It was the perfect space and company to lose oneself in, to forget the time, tide and tingling phone bells.

We’re still reeling under the hangover of this year’s event and keeping the calendar open for 2016. You should too!

– Text and Images by Manika Dhama

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