14 Classic Games We’ve All Grown Up Playing

Hide and Seek

Let’s relive those days…
…when the words ‘kho’ and ‘dhappa’ would give us mini heart attacks,
when spinning a top or flying a kite would be the highlight of the day,
when a handful of marbles or stones could keep us hooked till the sun called it a day…

So hide the play station and teach your little-one one of these, this weekend… Make some lemonade, call over the neighborhood kids, and watch them have fun, while you drift back to your childhood! What’s better, join in for a surprise dhappa!

1. Hopscotch/ Stapu
Even our parents have played this one!

StapuImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

2. Lattu
The top when spinning looks magnificent.

LattuImage courtesy: abhisays.com

3. Kho Kho
This one’s our favorite!

Kho-KhoImage courtesy: unbound.org

4. Color Color What Color
“Tippy Tippy Tap, what colour would you want?”

Tippy Tippy TapImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

5. Gilli Danda
This one was India’s own version of cricket!

Gilli DandaImage courtesy: blog.incheon2014ag.com

6. Hide and Seek (Chupan Chupai)

Hide and SeekImage courtesy: timesofindia.com

7. Pitthu
Most of us learnt how to aim playing this game!

PitthuImage courtesy: scoopwhoop.com

8. Kite flying
15 August would witness the entire city on the terraces, flying vibrantly colored kites!

Kite FlyingImage courtesy: chakdealbany.com

9. Noughts and Crosses
We used X and Os before Gossip Girl did!

XOXOImage courtesy: telecomfile.com

10. Carrom
One stroke of your finger decided your fate in this game.

CarromImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

11. Goti / Kancha
Who doesn’t love collecting and playing with marbles?!

KanchaImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

12. Ludo
The ideal post dinner family-game!

LudoImage courtesy: top10wala.com

13. Chain
Ah! The long chain people aiming for you and the art of evading them skilfully!

ChainImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

14. Kabaddi
A test of stamina, holding the breath and strategy making.

KabaddiImage courtesy: indiatimes.com

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