A Garage Converted into a Workplace: Inside Dhvani Behl’s Studio

Not having had enough of artist Dhvani Behl‘s illustrations and its adaptations in textiles, garments and art, we even dared to show up at her studio for a peek. (We’d heard it was a garage turned into a printing studio/ workplace, now who can resist that?!)

Raw, industrial and bare, yet so romantically detailed, this little gem is hidden away in the by-lanes of south-west Delhi, beckoning you in from the street.

Come, let’s step inside…








Our favourite spots? The curved wall with Dhvani’s signature nature-inspired illustration, next to the red doors that lead to her studio in the basement, the orange printed textile canopy of the cafeteria, and the 15 feet high hammock in the garden!

What are your favourite spots?

text by Aditi Bhatia



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