All That Diwali Jazz…

Just in time for that last-minute setting, between dancing flames of the diyas, the colorful rangolis, the fragrance of flowers and incense sticks, sweet sweets, here are décor ideas to give you an instant Diwali celebration swag. So, are you ready for the biggest and the brightest festival of them all?

To make your festive shopping a little easier…take our cue on Diwali fashion! Not only your home but your personal style will make you stand apart from the crowd…whether you’re preparing for Diwali puja, a casual cards party with friends and family or even hunting for a nice gift for your loved ones!

Are you saying no to crackers and trying a hand at rangolis, this Diwali? Share a picture of your rangoli for our ongoing contest here.

#MyRangoli Contest-Images via Jaypore & Facebook albums

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